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ISSUE 1 - APRIL 2014

ISSUE 1 APRIL 2014   [...]

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Want to hear about secondary school life?  don’t go, wait a minute and I will tell you loads as I’ve interviewed Miss Ralston, Prospect School Head of Year 7 …………   WH@O: What are the differences between yr6 and yr7? Miss Ralston: The main difference is that Prospect school is a lot bigger and you’re [...]

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In case you didn’t know ‘WH@O’ is  an internet newsletter. The WH@O club gets together to disscus what people need to write about. The newsletter club’s main features are: … 2 Editors – Lotty C & Isabelle E         (year 6) 2 School writers – Non existant        1 Designer – Tom S                                  (year 6) 1 Intervuewer – […]

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Feature Post 2

THE SKULLCRACK FUGITIVE IS CAUGHT Finally this skull cracking maniac has been put behind bars. This criminal has been locked away in prison for his crimes against the people of Britain, at last. This fugitive’s career of murder and mayhem started when he was imprisoned for 9 years during the 1980’s for a post office raid, but […]

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School News 4

P.E.T SCHOOL DISCO   Everybody had a blast at the disco. Many people came and celebrated loads of things for example Yr6’s SATs had just finished. The DJ’s apprentice had a little dance off with Tafari who had been acting like the best. The school raised loads of money and the adults also enjoyed doing […]

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